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We no longer sell Autunite

We have left these pages for those who use the pictures and information.


      Autunite is one of the most brilliant fluorescent minerals and is very desirable to collectors. These pictures 

      were taken using a long wave ultraviolet light but Autunite will glow as well under short wave uv. 

      Not only is it Fluorescent but it is also Radioactive. The radiation measurements for these specimens were taken

      using a standard CDV700 with the standard "hot dog" probe and were taken at the surface of the specimen.
     All the Autunite shown on the following pages came from our mine in North East Washington State. The 

     specimens were mined by hand. Unless otherwise noted, all specimens consist of Autunite on matrix of Granite

     Pegmatite which also may contain  Mica, Garnet and Beryl.  Please review the "  Regulations  " section for our

    guarantee, shipping information, compliance and  requirements to purchase certain specimens. 
  We do not enhance our photos. 
                                                                                                                                                                                Long Wave 
Normal Light                                              (Click on pictures to see more information)                                                Ultraviolet light 


A very nice display specimen. Very brilliant when exposed to Ultra Violet light. Measuring 

6 1/2x 3x 1 3/4 inch and weighing 21.0 ounces. Radiation is measured at 30,000 counts per

minute with probe 1 inch from the surface (Beta+Gamma) and 4.0 mR/hr, Gamma only. 

           Number 0701118              

A very nice specimen that has some huge crystals on both sides.

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Like Green? Then this is the specimen for you! 
A very large, exceptionally nice display specimen. It weighs 145.7 ounces and measures 12X6.6X3.5 inches. The actual area coated in autunite is 7.0X5.5 inches. Highly radioactive! Measurements taken with a CDV700 Geiger counter. Easily reaches 30,000+Counts per minute 1" from the surface, shield open and 5+Mr/Hr with shield closed. The back of  the specimen reads 0.75Mr/Hr with shield open or closed. 
         (Number 1100171)           


 This very large specimen is covered on one side with a thick coating of Autunite crystals. It measures 10 x 5 x 4 inches and weighs 12 pounds 8.5 ounces.

Radiation is measured at 25,000 counts per minute and  2.5 mR/hr. (Number 0904202)




 A huge specimen of Autunite on Granite matrix. Radiation is measured at 30,000cpm (Beta+Gamma) and 4.0mR/hr Gamma only.

This specimen has been coated with invisible Acrylic to preserve the crystal structure.


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