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The perfect gift for the mineral collector!


From the famous "RatHole Mine" located in Pend Oreille County Washington!

(Previously the High Noon mine) 


   Highly valued by collectors, Autunite (Hydrated Calcium Uranyl Phosphate) is one of the most brilliant of

   the fluorescent minerals when it is exposed to Ultra Violet light. This magnificent specimen is a fine example

   of  Autunite Crystals on Granite Pegmatite with Mica. It is extremely brilliant under Uv light. Much brighter

   than in these pictures. 


About this specimen

This huge specimen measures 6x3x1 inch and weighs 1 pound 0.8 ounce 

It shows nice Autunite crystals displayed on both sides. One side has a generous coating of exceptionally nice crystals and the other side has some of the largest crystals I have seen. 

One crystal measures 7mm across!

This is a "must have" specimen!


Autunite normally will shed some crystals over time due to dehydration. 

*We have coated this specimen with invisible Acrylic to preserve the crystal structure*

We have coated many specimens using this process with excellent results. 

This coating in invisible and does not effect the Uv or other properties of the specimen.

It will show when performing XRD or similar analysis.

Autunite is a secondary uranium mineral.

This specimen is 



The activity at the surface of the specimen is 30,000 cpm (50 mR/hr) Beta+Gamma
    1.5 mR/hr Gamma only when measured with a standard CDV700 Counter with a standard probe.

This specimen is excellent for checking to see if your Geiger Counter is working provided your counter reads in mR/hr.

It is not intended as a calibration source.

You may contact me at if you need further information.

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All pictures are of the specimen being auctioned  

(our photographs are never enhanced or altered. What you see is what you get)



Front and Back of specimen under normal light



Front and Back of specimen under Longwave Uv light



Close up of a crystal cluster under normal light and Uv light





Close up of a crystal cluster under normal light and Uv light




Close up of a crystal cluster under normal light and Uv light




Close up of a crystal cluster under normal light and Uv light


Natural light: Golden/Green
Ultra Violet: Brilliant Green
Size:  6x3x1
Weight:  1 pound 0.8 ounces 

Payment by money order, cashiers check or PayPal in US dollars.

Buyer to pay $8.00 for shipping/handling and insurance by PayPal, Money Order or Cashiers Check. Specimen will be sent USPS PRIORITY MAIL.


We will ship to some countries other than the United States but because of differing laws please email me with your address BEFORE you bid on this item if you live outside the United States. I will check the import laws for your country and the shipping requirements and email you with the results. Outside the United States there will be additional shipping fees which are the responsibility of the winning bidder.

 By placing a winning bid on this mineral the buyer assumes all liability for any damages which may occur from the proper use or misuse of this mineral.

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