Pictures of a Barco BR451


 UPDATE 10/2017: My Barco has been sold and now resides in England!

I will keep this page and the manuals online for anyone who needs the information.


Below you will find a picture of my Barco plus copies of the manuals I received with it.

Feel free to copy any of the manuals.

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 A fine tool from the past


   Many years ago I worked at a local cemetery. One day while cleaning out an old storage building I found a Barco gasoline powered jackhammer. I was told that the cemetery used it in the late 40's to jackhammer through frost and for tamping dirt and sod. I really didn't know much about it but it did look interesting. It was going to the scrap yard so I asked if I could purchase it. To my surprise they gave it to me along with the manuals. It didn't take long to get it running. 

   I have used the Barco on a few occasions and find it really does work and is quite simple to operate. Just fill the gas tank with the proper fuel/oil mix, connect the ignition to a 6 volt battery, turn on the fuel,  push the rod at the top down and release and hang on! 


 How it works:


   The Barco consists of a piston, cylinder and ignition system. There is no crank shaft, connecting rod or valves yet it is a gasoline engine. The principle behind the Barco is quite simple. When the spark plug fires it drives the piston to the bottom of the cylinder. During it's travel down the piston draws in fresh fuel/air and expels the exhaust. At the bottom the piston hits the anvil and a heavy spring. This spring pushes the piston back to the top, compressing the fuel/air mix. The spark plug fires and the process repeats.



 Information needed:

If you have manuals for other Barco model's and would like to share them I would be glad to post them here.

Also, I would appreciate any information about the history of the Barco Jackhammer or the company.









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Manual  for gas hammer 

Models H-6 and J-2





Manual for gas hammer 

H-6B, H-6 and J-2


gas drillers

J-2 and J-2A

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 Drawing and parts lists model H-6B

Drawing type "A" Ignition AGH2941

Drawing major parts assembled


  Picture 005 copy.jpg (257866 bytes)

Some interesting Barco Advertizments


1. 1937-38 Barco Ad.               

2. 1943 Barco ad, Military Use

3. Barco being used in Pa water works

Manual for unit


A big Thank You to

Brian Mann for contributing

this document!

A Barco being demonstrated

at a show in 2004

Photo by Jacob Merriwether



The model BR-5 Barco pictured above belongs to 

Peter Kinzie of Plattsville Ontario Canada. 



The information tag states it was manufactured 12-13-1950

making this the newest Barco we have seen.


A 1937-38 Barco sales ad


 1943 Barco Ad

1936 Barco ad


These pictures are of a Barco Pegson Rammer BR451 that was rescued from a scrap pile.

The man who found it contacted Barco and was told that the division that made 

these rammers had been bought out by the "Stihl" Company.

If anyone has any information about this machine please email me




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