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Hi all,


With much regret we have closed our shop due to a very bad back and other health issues.


We will be selling our mining claims, vintage Kawasaki snowmobiles


vintage motorcycles, a T-Bird and lots of parts to raise money for medical expenses.


Our collection of vintage Kawasaki snowmobiles includes three Interceptors, 

a Drifter, many Invaders, and an LTD, along with parts and accessories. (There's also one Columbia)


The vintage motorcycles include an original Honda CL-77 Scrambler and a Honda C-110 Super Sport!


I will be posting pictures of the sleds, bikes and parts soon.


We thank you for the years of fun and for the enjoyable people we have met along this journey.


The BARCO pages will remain for those who happen to find an old Barco and need information.




If you have questions email us at 





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