Hi all,
I found this a few years back and still haven't been able to identify what it was used for. Perhaps someone can tell me. The pictures below show the outside wrapping which consists of LEAD FOIL which has a red backing. The dollar bill is for reference only and was not part of the package. The box is about 11.5 X 12.5 inches.
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Inside the lead foil is a Dark Green Velvet lined box which contains 17 old "stopper" type glass bottles. These bottles are held in by what appears to be shoe lace. All but the three center bottles are a brown glass with the three center ones being clear. Each bottle has a label. All bottles are labeled as "One Ounce". Some labels are machine printed while others appear written with an old style ink pen (the type you dip in an ink well).


The labels carry the company names of:
    1. Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St. Louis
        and New York
    2. Merck & co., New York
    3. R. Merck, Darmatadt, Germany
       (City spelling is unclear)
    4. Hand written bottles have the initials of
       "W.E.F." in the lower Right corner

 A list of the chemicals are:
(Items 8,9 &10 are quite fluorescent green under Uv light)

1. Uranium Acetate, Free from Sodium   10. Sodium Uranium Sulphate
2. Uranium Oxide, Ammonium                11. Thorium Nitrate
3. Uranium Oxide, Potassium                  12. Thorium Oxide
4. Uranium Oxide, Sodium                      13. Uranium Carbonate
5. Uranium Sulphate                                14. Uranium Chloride
6. Uranium Oxide                                    15. Uranium Metal, Fused
7. Uranium Nitrate                                   16. Uran. Bromatum
8. Ammonium Uranium Sulphate              17. Uranium Iodine
9. Potassium Uranium Sulphate

If anyone has any idea as to the use of this and the era it is from please email me at: