Report of Neil Adams on the matrix:


    The  matrix consists of Granite Pegmatite:

    White Oligoclase, Feldspar group - Plaqioclase series with Smoky Gray Quartz (silicon dioxide)

     2nd Muscovite Mica

     (Na,Ca)Al Si3O8 with SiO2 & K Al2 (Al Si3) O10 (Oh)2


    Oligoclase = Sodium-Calcium-Aluminum Silicates

    Quartz = SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide

    Mica = Hydrous Potassium Aluminum Silicate

    Garnet most probably is Gossular, sub species being Spessartite by reason of host material



Various reports on the fluorescence show that:

    The fluorescent Green coating is Hyalite of the Opal group.

    The fluorescent Red of the matrix is most likely Feldspar or Calcite

    The fluorescent Orange is Fluorapatite of the Apatite group.